Discover the Geopark’s diversity on our Georoutes. Your mobile device can be a valuable companion, since only few routes are signposted. The Georoutes and themed trails of the Geopark Porphyryland are published in cooperation with Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH under These routes lead you to points of geological, natural historical and industrial cultural interest. Via you find detailed information on these POI (points of interest).

Discover the Geopark Porphyryland on two wheels


Starting from Zwickau, cyclists can follow the Mulderadweg (Mulde cycle route) along Zwickauer and Vereinigte Mulde over 158km. Starting from Nossen you can ride along 140km beside the Freiburger Mulde.

Both routes lead you through the Geopark Porphyryland and unveil its scenic beauty. The Mulderadweg is connected to many other bike routes: Between Döbeln and Rosswein the Elbe­-Mulde-Radwanderweg crosses your way, in Trebsen you can access the Mulde-Elbe-Radroute and in Wurzen the Leipzig-Elbe-Radroute as well as the Dahlener-Heide-Radroute.

The Geopark Porphyryland can be reached from Leipzig, the nearby major city via two bike routes: The Parthe-Mulde-Radweg meanders through the lovely Parthenaue and leads you through Borsdorf und Naunhof to Grimma. The Leipzig-Elbe-Radroute brings you via Brandis to Wurzen. Both routes meet with the Mulderadweg. Between the towns of Wurzen and Grimma an excellent bike lane has been built on the dam of the former Muldentalbahn (railway through Mulde valley): The Muldentalbahn-Radweg.

The land of white earth, as the region surrounding Mügeln is called due to its rich kaolin resources, can be experienced from the bike saddle on three themed routes focusing on the fruit production in the area and leading you on romantic paths through extensive plantations and small villages.

The following links lead you to the touristic bike routes, published on by Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH.

Bike tour through the Mulde valley to Panitzsch 2017, Photo: Archive Geopark Porphyryland

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Experience nature and discover the Geopark – along the Mulde bike trail between Rochlitz and Thallwitz.

Discover the Geopark Porphyryland on foot

The Geopark Porphyryland also offers many opportunities for day walks or even extensive hikes. From Rochlitz to Thallwitz the Geopark can be hiked in its entire north-south extend on the Muldentalwanderweg (Mulde valley hiking trail). For a pilgrimage you do not have to look to spain: The Via Porphyria invites you to discover the scenery of the Muldental (valley of Mulde) and Chemnitztal (valley of Chemnitz) as well as the Kohrener Land and Leipziger Neuseenland, while getting to know the region’s history, culture, spiritual roots and traditions. On its 200km round way the Via Porphyria connects sacred buildings, devotional sites of tranqulity as well as touristic gems of the regions portraying the region’s cultural history.

Haselberg c) R. Bauerfeind

Excursion to conservation area Haselberg, Photo: Archive Geopark Porphyryland

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Disvocer the Geopark Porphyryland on water

Rugged rock faces and green meadows, roaring waters and quietly purling streams: The river Mulde offers insights into earth’s history to travellers on water. Iris, yellow waterlily and kingfishers – traveling by boat in the Geopark Porphyryland can also be a rich experience of nature. The Mulde river valleys serve as bird sanctuaries, the river banks are important breeding sites for many species – especially some endangered ones.

Who plans to travel the Mulde by boat needs to be in good shape: canoes, sea kayaks or inflatable dinghies are appropriate for sections of calm water. To tackle the wild Zschopau you will need robust canoes, or even better white-water kayaks.

Water Touring in Geopark Porphyryland; Photo: Archive Geopark Porphyryland

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