What is a Geopark?

Geoparks are regions that act as a window into earth’s history. Based on the geological resources and properties, interrelationships between the earth’s inner workings and the surface can be explained particularly well. Geoparks are designated with the aim to communicate the history of the earth, explaining rock and resource formation, making the geological treasure tangible and ensuring its conservation and sustainable use.

Geoparks spread knowledge about geophysics, geology (rocks and their stratification), mineralogy (structure of rocks), paleontology (plants and animals of prehistoric times), soil science, but also about industrial culture (extraction, transport and processing of raw materials) as well as botany and meteorology.

Rochlitz, Geisbergbruch, Foto: Archiv Geopark Porphyrland

Rochlitz, Geisberg quarry, Foto: Archiv Geopark Porphyrland