Geoportal “Porphyry House“
on the Rochlitzer Berg

Geoportal Porphyrhaus, Foto: Reiner Spreer

Learn about the formation of the Rochlitz Porphyry and the history of the Rochlitz quarries on our guided tours of Rochlitz Hill or in educational project offers for schools and out-of-school groups. All geo-touristic programs start at the Porphyry House at Gleisberg Quarry. Today the former social meeting house for the stonemasons has been converted into a multifunctional “green classroom” and function room. It also houses a small photographic exhibition of historic pictures from the quarries in Rochlitz.

The continual extraction of the Rochlitz Porphyry Tuff has been officially recorded since the 9th century. The striking red stone is unique and characteristic for the Porphyryland Geopark . Next to the Porphyry House you can look at historic technology in the smithy, the shelter and at Gleisberg Quarry. The latter is 60 m deep.  To get a feel for the size of this quarry there is a viewing platform at the top and one at the bottom of the pit. Around 290 million years ago, this supervolcano covered the surrounding region with deposits over 500 m thick.

Things to do at the Geoportal Porphyry House

  • Geological talks by the Porphyryland Geopark
  • Educational and creative project offers and courses
  • Guided tours on the Porphyry Discovery Trail and the surrounding area
  • Performance zum Stein – sound, light and magic in the quarry
    Every year in summer the Performance zum Stein in a quarry on Rochlitz Hill captivates visitors with a new idea. The night-time performance with artificial installations is a very emotional experience. This event is the result of a cooperation between the Mittelsächsischen Kultursommer, the town Rochlitz and the Vereinigten Porphyrbrüche auf dem Rochlitzer Berge GmbH
  • Porphyry Trail on Rochlitz Hill: (2.7 km)
    15 Stations on this circular route explain how this striking rock was formed, the history of porphyry tuff extraction and the traditional work of the stonemason. Along the way you will visit the Waldschlösschen, the Bergkeller, the Einsiedelei and the Gleisberg Quarry with its imposing number wall – and you will be impressed. The highlight of the tour is the König-August-Tower, a lookout built of Rochlitz Porphyry Tuff from where you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view.
    Start / End: Parking lot at Haberkorn-Quarry on Rochlitz Hill
  • Wechselburg Forest Trail (9,5 km)
    The Forest discovery trail links the place where the Rochlitz porphyry tuff is extracted with one of most beautiful regional examples of usage – Wechselburg Abbey.
    Start / End: Parking lot Rochlitz Hill
  • Via Porphyria up Rochlitz Hill
  • Forest playground
  • König-August-Tower on Rochlitz Hill

Nächste Veranstaltungen in den Geoportalen


Rochlitzer Berg, 09306 Rochlitz

Den Rochlitzer Berg erreichen Sie von der A72, Abfahrt Rochlitz, über die B175 Richtung Rochlitz, Abfahrt Sörnzig;
Oder aus Rochlitz kommend, Richtung A72 Ortsausgang Rochlitz, Abzweig Sörnzig.

parking area
Auf dem Rochlitzer Berg stehen drei Parkplätze zur Verfügung.

Stadtverwaltung Rochlitz
Markt 1
09306 Rochlitz
Tel. 03737 7830

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