Geoportal Röcknitz
Exhibition “Zeit-Wandel-Stein – Eventful History of a Landscape“

The exhibition “Zeit – Wandel – Stein. Eventful History of a Landscape” allows you to dive deep into a long gone world of volcano eruptions, sea level rises and flooding and ice ages. Here you can see how porphyry, china clay, and lignite are formed and appreciate the gigantic forces that formed the face of the landscape of the Porphyryland Geopark and Muldeland. The exhibition begins with an impressive video animation about the super-volcanic eruptions around 290 million years ago.

Things to do in the Geoportal Röcknitz

  • Geo-Experience Garden in the park of Röcknitz Mansion (open at all times)
    The Geo-Experience Garden is located in the park next to the mansion, inviting old and young visitors to become active research geologists. The barefoot trail, rock labyrinth and the Tertiary Forest allow visitors to playfully explore geology.
  • Vulcano Playground “Fred Porphyrstein” in the park of Röcknitz Mansion (open at all times)
    The playground “Fred Porphyrstein” is the highlight for children. This uniquely designed volcano playground and recreational area has slides, swings, a slackline, climbing walls, pipe tunnels, sound tube and a sun clock.

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