Spitzberg Quarry

  • Geotope type: Abandoned quarry
  • Rocks: Hoburg quartz porphyry of the Wurzen Formation
  • Geological period: Permian (Rotliegend)

Spitzberg hill is located to the north of the town of Wurzen near the village of Lüptitz. The hill got its name from its former pronounced conical shape. This has however disappeared through the intensive quarrying since 1888. The geo cycling route Doberschütz-Wurzen leads past the foot of the hill, with Spitzberg being within easy reach of Lüptitz.

Hohburg quartz porphyry was extracted at the Spitzberg quarry until 1928. The quarry has now been filled with water. The rocks are a variety of quartz porphyry that is free from or low in pyroxene, the so-called Wurzen Formation. The quartz porphyry developed approx. 289 million years ago during the volcanic activity at the Wurzen caldera. Because of its solidity, the dark greenish rock was valued as gravel and ashlar.

Numerous graffiti can be seen on the rock faces of Spitzberg. What at first appears to be an insignificant smearing turns out at a second glance to be a historic record. During the GDR era the area around Spitzberg was a military training area and thus a restricted area. Even today you will still find remains of military installations in the area. The graffiti usually denotes the name and the unit of the Soviet soldiers stationed at Spitzberg.

With the withdrawal of the troops the area around the hill was converted into a conservation area. Since then numerous rare plant and animal species have settled in the Spitzberg area. A narrow hiking trail leads around the hill and affords an impressive view of the steep faces along the lake. Hikers are beckoned to stay a while and enjoy the natural beauty of the lake.

04808 Lossatal district Lüptitz

N 51° 23′ 51.4; E 12° 45′ 36.1 (WGS 84)
4553000; 5696150 (Gauß-Krüger)
344178; 5696420 (UTM 33)

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Geo cycling route Doberschütz-Wurzen

Graffiti of Russian soldiers on the quartz porphyry rocks, Photo: Anja Hartmann

View of the steep face of the abandoned quarry, Photo: Anja Hartmann

Spitzberg in 1888, postcard, archive Museum Steinarbeiterhaus Hohburg