Supervolcanism: Origins of a Wealth of Rocks

Around 290 million years ago the area of today’s Porphyryland Geopark experienced a series of gigantic volcanic eruptions. Lava and ash was ejected high up into the atmosphere from volcanic vents and earth fissures. The most spectacular phenomenon however, were the gigantic pyroclastic flows comprising a mixture of turbulent gasses, ashes, volcanic bombs and fragmented magma that spread over the Geopark region. The total volume of ejected material is one of the largest ever discovered on earth. These deposits cooled to form the over 500 meter thick varieties of porphyry that characterises the Supervolcano area and give the Geopark its name.

Discover the fascinating red Rochlitz Porphyry tuff, the wealth of rocks, quarries and rare raw materials such as china clay (kaolin) as well as the multifaceted landscape that the Geopark presents between Rochlitz Hill, the Hohburg Hills, the Collm and the Kirchbruch Beucha and along the river Mulde. Here you will find interesting abbeys, castles, palaces, industrial monuments, parks, museums, churches, Georoutes and cycle and hiking trails.